February 4, 2018

What has Larkin Wilde succeeded at recently?
We were at the doctors office today and I asked a couple of people to put now a one dollar bill. I put down $100 bill and asked Larkin to pick mine up out of the pile. Of coarse she did it perfectly. I was so proud of her.

What do you think Larkin Wilde’s favorite part of the day was today?
When I hide Alvo and then came back and said Larkin I have a secret, then I whisper in her ear Alvo shook. She blasted off of the bed started searching. Before long she came back with Alvo. She was so proud of her self I was too!

Has Larkin Wilde done anything noteworthy recently?
Her searching is just getting better and better. I’ve been hiding Alvo and toys and she won’t stop until she finds them.

What kind of games are you playing with Larkin Wilde recently? I hiding Alvo

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