December 16th 2017

Has Larkin Wilde done anything noteworthy recently?
Yes today I put a trail down at the cemetery at 11:30 and at 4:30 she tracked it and found the shoe. It was very windy and and I was so proud of her!

What do you think Larkin Wilde is really great at?
Searching, anything that challenges her

What did Larkin Wilde do this afternoon?
Tracked Katherine perfectly!

Has Larkin Wilde gone into the ocean/pool yet? How did she react?
Lori accidentally kicked her into the pool the first day I had her. She and I kind of panicked but she did fine but she really doesn’t like the pool.

If you could do more of something with Larkin Wilde, what would it be? Searching

What was your favorite moment with Larkin Wilde today?
When she bit Katherine

How do you show Larkin Wilde that she is loved?
I hold her chin and I rub my face against her face, kind of rough and say love my Larkin, Larkin is a braver puppies.

What does Larkin Wilde like to do for playtime?
Play – literally I will say do you want to play? Then I will get the yellow rag and we play tug and my toy.

Has Larkin Wilde done anything that has surprised you lately?
She is nine months old and she came into heat. It definitely took me by surprise, she is growing up.

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