December 7, 2017

Have you taken Larkin Wilde to a restaurant recently?
Henry’s, Dunbar, Smokehouse barbecue

How does Larkin Wilde show that she is frustrated?
Perfect question for today. She does a lot of talking.

Did you play any games with Larkin Wilde today?
Just got back from tracking at the cemetery. It is in the 30s and raining. I laid down a very difficult track and then came back and got her. I am truly amazed at her tracking ability even in the rain. I am so proud of her!

What is Larkin Wilde doing right now?
Searching the parts department at all American Chevrolet.

Did you go on any outings with Larkin Wilde today?
We went to get some raw goat’s milk, then we went to get her jewelry repaired, then we went to see Dr. Neil and showed off a little bit.

If you could freeze time with Larkin Wilde, which moment would you stop on?
Surprisingly none of them. I actually love living everyday with her. There is always something doing something new to do, and learn, and experience. She is very intense which is refreshing.

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