December 8, 2017

Did you learn anything new about Larkin Wilde today?
She’s nine months old and when where in the car she still loves to get on my left side and put her nose by me when we’re driving down the road. Also at night time she will roll over on her back. Like she did the very first car ride. She is the cutest thing ever. I will rub her belly and she say soft tummies.

What is Larkin Wilde’s favorite fruit?

Anything special you would like to Qeepsake this week for Larkin Wilde?
I had her in a down in the office and she heard or smelled something she didn’t like and she barked and she wanted to go check it out but she looked at me first. I said free and I was so proud of her for looking at me first.

What is something that you really enjoyed doing with Larkin Wilde today? Working with her and the bucket! She remember how to do it after just one time!

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