March 7, 2018

What special time did you have with Larkin Wilde today?
Larkin learned how to sit on a little rock today. It’s harder than it looks. We’ve been working on it for long time.

What was a photo that you took of Larkin Wilde this week?

February 4, 2018

What has Larkin Wilde succeeded at recently?
We were at the doctors office today and I asked a couple of people to put now a one dollar bill. I put down $100 bill and asked Larkin to pick mine up out of the pile. Of coarse she did it perfectly. I was so proud of her.

What do you think Larkin Wilde’s favorite part of the day was today?
When I hide Alvo and then came back and said Larkin I have a secret, then I whisper in her ear Alvo shook. She blasted off of the bed started searching. Before long she came back with Alvo. She was so proud of her self I was too!

Has Larkin Wilde done anything noteworthy recently?
Her searching is just getting better and better. I’ve been hiding Alvo and toys and she won’t stop until she finds them.

What kind of games are you playing with Larkin Wilde recently? I hiding Alvo

January 30, 2018

Did you go on any outings with Larkin Wilde today?
We went to the doctor then to pick up the little pick up and then to drop off some furniture for repair.

Is there anyone you want Larkin Wilde to meet?
Shaina Twain

Have you had any particularly sweet moments with Larkin Wilde lately?
Every morning after I wake up or after a nap she come up and puts one paw on either side of my face and licks me. She is very sweet.

January 20, 2018

Anything special you would like to remember this week for Larkin Wilde? All of a sudden she just looks like an adult. Where did my puppy go?

What is one thing no one told you about being a parent of Larkin Wilde? How much it change my life. I still cry over Pacey everyday though.

January 19, 2018

What is Larkin Wilde doing right now?
Laying on her blanket.

If you could relive any part of today with Larkin Wilde, which part would it be? We did a big tracking adventure.

What did you do with Larkin Wilde today?
Today’s Larkin’s birthday. We tracked, played, trained, and had a lot of fun.